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Updated Synthetic Cannabinoids Scope to Match Latest Compounds


Synthetic cannabinoids are now firmly established in the illicit drug market. The fact that they don’t show up in routine drug tests makes them the drug of choice for many recreational users looking for the ultimate high while trying to beat the system. New data is now emerging about the serious adverse human health effects of the drugs including impairment, seizures, kidney injury, cardiotoxicity, excited delirium and death.

Formed in 2011, The NMS Labs Designer Drug Strategy Team has consistently tracked the changing synthetic cannabinoid market, identifying novel and emerging drugs and anticipating the most popular new substances. Using a broad range of information resources, including the latest medical and scientific literature, data from our forensic drug chemistry casework, and chatter from drug user networks, NMS Labs regularly updates the scope of our routine synthetic cannabinoid tests.

Test Code 9560B — Synthetic Cannabinoids Screen, Blood

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