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Analysis Code Test Name
9432B Amitriptyline and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9432SP Amitriptyline and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9432U Amitriptyline and Metabolite Screen, Urine
0310B Amitriptyline and Metabolite, Blood
0310SP Amitriptyline and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
0310TI Amitriptyline and Metabolite, Tissue
0310U Amitriptyline and Metabolite, Urine
0325B Amoxapine and Metabolite, Blood
0325SP Amoxapine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
0325U Amoxapine and Metabolite, Urine
4655B Antidepressants Panel 1, Blood
4655FL Antidepressants Panel 1, Fluid
4655SP Antidepressants Panel 1, Serum/Plasma
4655TI Antidepressants Panel 1, Tissue
8700B Antidepressants Panel, Blood
8700SP Antidepressants Panel, Serum/Plasma
8700U Antidepressants Panel, Urine
9431B Antidepressants Screen, Blood
9431SP Antidepressants Screen, Serum/Plasma
9431U Antidepressants Screen, Urine
0486B Atomoxetine, Blood
0486SP Atomoxetine, Serum/Plasma
0486U Atomoxetine, Urine
9122B Bupropion and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9122SP Bupropion and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9122TI Bupropion and Metabolite Screen, Tissue
9122U Bupropion and Metabolite Screen, Urine
0803B Bupropion and Metabolite, Blood
0803FL Bupropion and Metabolite, Fluid
0803SP Bupropion and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
0803TI Bupropion and Metabolite, Tissue
0803U Bupropion and Metabolite, Urine
1272B Citalopram, Blood
1272FL Citalopram, Fluid
1272SP Citalopram, Serum/Plasma
1272TI Citalopram, Tissue
1272U Citalopram, Urine
9437B Clomipramine and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9437SP Clomipramine and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9437U Clomipramine and Metabolite Screen, Urine
8707B Clomipramine and Metabolite, Blood
1268B Clomipramine and Metabolite, Blood
1268SP Clomipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
8707SP Clomipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
1268TI Clomipramine and Metabolite, Tissue
1268U Clomipramine and Metabolite, Urine
8704B Desipramine, Blood
1490B Desipramine, Blood
1490SP Desipramine, Serum/Plasma
1490U Desipramine, Urine
8704U Desipramine, Urine
1491B Desvenlafaxine, Blood
1491SP Desvenlafaxine, Serum/Plasma
1491U Desvenlafaxine, Urine
1905B Dothiepin, Blood
9435B Doxepin and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9435U Doxepin and Metabolite Screen, Urine
8705B Doxepin and Metabolite, Blood
1810B Doxepin and Metabolite, Blood
1810FL Doxepin and Metabolite, Fluid
1810SP Doxepin and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
1810U Doxepin and Metabolite, Urine
8705U Doxepin and Metabolite, Urine
8030B Drug Facilitated Crime Panel, Blood (Forensic)
8030SP Drug Facilitated Crime Panel, Serum/Plasma (Forensic)
8030U Drug Facilitated Crime Panel, Urine (Forensic)
4666B Duloxetine, Blood
4666SP Duloxetine, Serum/Plasma
1965B Escitalopram, Blood
1965FL Escitalopram, Fluid
1965SP Escitalopram, Serum/Plasma
1965U Escitalopram, Urine
9179B Fluoxetine and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9179SP Fluoxetine and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9179U Fluoxetine and Metabolite Screen, Urine
2105B Fluoxetine and Metabolite, Blood
2105FL Fluoxetine and Metabolite, Fluid
2105SP Fluoxetine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2105TI Fluoxetine and Metabolite, Tissue
2105U Fluoxetine and Metabolite, Urine
2124B Fluvoxamine, Blood
2124FL Fluvoxamine, Fluid
2124SP Fluvoxamine, Serum/Plasma
2124U Fluvoxamine, Urine
9434B Imipramine and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9434SP Imipramine and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9434U Imipramine and Metabolite Screen, Urine
2400B Imipramine and Metabolite, Blood
8703B Imipramine and Metabolite, Blood
8703SP Imipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2400SP Imipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2400U Imipramine and Metabolite, Urine
8703U Imipramine and Metabolite, Urine
2573B Maprotiline, Blood
2573SP Maprotiline, Serum/Plasma
2573U Maprotiline, Urine
3061B Milnacipran/Levomilnacipran, Blood
3061SP Milnacipran/Levomilnacipran, Serum/Plasma
3061U Milnacipran/Levomilnacipran, Urine
3075B Mirtazapine, Blood
3075SP Mirtazapine, Serum/Plasma
3075U Mirtazapine, Urine
3145B Nefazodone, Blood
3145SP Nefazodone, Serum/Plasma
3145U Nefazodone, Urine
9433B Nortriptyline Screen, Blood
9433U Nortriptyline Screen, Urine
8702B Nortriptyline, Blood
3220B Nortriptyline, Blood
3220SP Nortriptyline, Serum/Plasma
3220TI Nortriptyline, Tissue
3220U Nortriptyline, Urine
8702U Nortriptyline, Urine
3360B Paroxetine, Blood
3360FL Paroxetine, Fluid
3360SP Paroxetine, Serum/Plasma
3360TI Paroxetine, Tissue
3360U Paroxetine, Urine
3440B Perphenazine, Blood
3440SP Perphenazine, Serum/Plasma
3550B Phenelzine, Blood
3550SP Phenelzine, Serum/Plasma
3550U Phenelzine, Urine
9436B Protriptyline Screen, Blood
9436SP Protriptyline Screen, Serum/Plasma
8706B Protriptyline, Blood
4010B Protriptyline, Blood
4010SP Protriptyline, Serum/Plasma
8706SP Protriptyline, Serum/Plasma
4195B Sertraline and Desmethylsertraline, Blood
4195FL Sertraline and Desmethylsertraline, Fluid
4195SP Sertraline and Desmethylsertraline, Serum/Plasma
4195TI Sertraline and Desmethylsertraline, Tissue
4195U Sertraline, Urine
3230B Symbyax®, Blood
3230SP Symbyax®, Serum/Plasma
9282B Trazodone Screen, Blood
9282SP Trazodone Screen, Serum/Plasma
9282U Trazodone Screen, Urine
4535B Trazodone, Blood
4535FL Trazodone, Fluid
4535SP Trazodone, Serum/Plasma
4535TI Trazodone, Tissue
4535U Trazodone, Urine
8691B Triflupromazine, Blood
4706B Trimipramine and Metabolite, Blood
8708B Trimipramine and Metabolite, Blood
8708SP Trimipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4706SP Trimipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4706U Trimipramine and Metabolite, Urine
8708U Trimipramine and Metabolite, Urine
9447B Venlafaxine and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9447U Venlafaxine and Metabolite Screen, Urine
4767B Venlafaxine and Metabolite, Blood
4767FL Venlafaxine and Metabolite, Fluid
4767SP Venlafaxine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4767TI Venlafaxine and Metabolite, Tissue
4767U Venlafaxine and Metabolite, Urine
4790B Vilazodone, Blood
4790SP Vilazodone, Serum/Plasma
4791SP Vortioxetine, Serum/Plasma

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