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Analysis Code Test Name
0205U Acetyl Fentanyl and Metabolite, Urine
9103U Alfentanil Screen, Urine
0200B Alfentanil, Blood
0200SP Alfentanil, Serum/Plasma
9145UC Comprehensive Drug Screen, Umbilical Cord Tissue
1480U Designer Opioids (2018 Scope) (Qualitative), Urine
1480B Designer Opioids (2018 Scope), Blood
1480SP Designer Opioids (2018 Scope), Serum/Plasma
8030B Drug Facilitated Crime Panel, Blood (Forensic)
8030SP Drug Facilitated Crime Panel, Serum/Plasma (Forensic)
8030U Drug Facilitated Crime Panel, Urine (Forensic)
8151B DUID/DRE Panel (w/Alcohol) ProofPOSITIVE®, Blood (Forensic)
8150B DUID/DRE Panel ProofPOSITIVE®, Blood (Forensic)
9176B Fentanyl and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9176FL Fentanyl and Metabolite Screen, Fluid
9176SP Fentanyl and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9176TI Fentanyl and Metabolite Screen, Tissue
2079B Fentanyl and Metabolite, Blood
2079FL Fentanyl and Metabolite, Fluid
2079SP Fentanyl and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2079TI Fentanyl and Metabolite, Tissue
2079U Fentanyl and Metabolite, Urine
9291H Fentanyl Screen, Hair
9176U Fentanyl Screen, Urine
2533B Loperamide and Metabolite, Blood
8061U Postmortem Toxicology - Basic w/o Alcohol, Urine
8061B Postmortem, Basic w/o Alcohol, Blood (Forensic)
8061TI Postmortem, Basic w/o Alcohol, Tissue
8041B Postmortem, Basic w/Vitreous Alcohol Confirmation, Blood (Forensic)
8051B Postmortem, Basic, Blood (Forensic)
8051FL Postmortem, Basic, Fluid (Forensic)
8051SP Postmortem, Basic, Serum/Plasma (Forensic)
8051TI Postmortem, Basic, Tissue (Forensic)
8051U Postmortem, Basic, Urine (Forensic)
8104B Postmortem, Fire Death Screen, Blood (Forensic)
8050U Postmortem, Urine Screen Add-on (6-MAM Quantification only)
9264B Sufentanil Screen, Blood
9264U Sufentanil Screen, Urine
4240B Sufentanil, Blood
4240SP Sufentanil, Serum/Plasma
4240U Sufentanil, Urine

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