DNA as an Investigative Tool


NMS Labs is an active and prominent provider of forensic DNA testing services. With both ANAB accreditation in Biology (DNA & Serology) and compliance with FBI QAS, the forensic casework analysis services from NMS Labs have been pivotal in solving active and cold cases for state and local governmental agencies and private organizations, both in the US and internationally.

  • Identification of human remains
  • Touch DNA
  • Exclusion and inclusion of persons of interest
  • Identification of biological materials transferred to descendant

Local DNA Databasing

NMS Labs is partnered with SmallPond™ to provide law enforcement agencies rapid development of DNA profiles from evidence and reference samples collected at crime scenes.

  • Samples selected for DNA analysis are processed
  • DNA profiles are entered into your local DNA database
  • Comparison to other DNA profiles is done
  • Matches are sent to your agency as investigative leads