Integrated Forensic Services (IFS)
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Backed by NMS Labs accreditation and expertise, our Integrated Forensic Services offer a locally deployed portfolio of forensic testing to your law enforcement community. We offer routine and expanded services. You can choose the forensic solution that is best for your local needs.

Rapid Forensic Laboratory Services, ASCLD/LAB ISO 17025 Accredited

Building a traditional lab can take up to 10 years from groundbreaking to opening, whereas NMS Labs can quickly set up a laboratory solution that allows for rapid submission of case work.*  Your agency provides the lab space and NMS Labs provides the rest: equipment, maintenance, staffing, training, supplies, and ASCLD/LAB ISO 17025 accreditation.

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Blood Alcohol Testing

The convenience of evidence drop off and fast turnaround time for testing allows for more rapid processing of cases. Our blood alcohol testing provides accurate, easy-to-interpret results.

Drug Identification

Drug ID helps reduce the time between arrest and conviction. Our comprehensive scope of compounds includes the latest novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and is continually updated to match current drug trends.

Additional Services Available through our Central Labs:
DUID (blood drug testing) • DNA Casework (CODIS compliant) • DNA Local Database • Supporting Testimony

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Requisition / chain of custody forms can be downloaded from here.

* Timeframe is dependent upon local and national licensing and accreditation agency availability.