Sample Submission Step 1: Collection & Submission
Start here. Learn about collecting, labeling and packaging samples for clinical testing and forensic testing. Download special crime scene collection and packaging instructions. Contact Client Support for instructions on submitting tissue in a paraffin block.


Know the process? Download submission and credit card payment forms.


Find links to sample shipping requirements, frozen sample and other valuable packing & shipping information. NOTE: Samples must be received the day before scheduled test set up in order to be included on that run.

Temperature Range Defined
Room Temperature: 20 to 25° C
Refrigerated: 2 to 8° C
Frozen: -10 to -30° C, unless otherwise stated

NOTE: Samples submitted for clinical and forensic testing are retained for two and six weeks respectively. Samples are not returned without written request. More info…
Protect the integrity of your valuable samples. Avoid common mistakes!
  • Use appropriate labeling!
  • Use dry ice only for shipping frozen samples!
  • For metals testing, refer to the specific elements of interest for appropriate specimen container and handling procedures.
  • Use NMS Labs PROTECTIKIT® for all hair sample collections!
  • Do not compromise the specimen – don’t use serum/plasma separator tubes!
  • Do not use plastic bags to submit frozen tissue samples!
  • Pack samples according to federal guidelines if using USPS or other national carriers!
  • For analyte-specific transport requirements, see individual A-codes.

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