Sample Submission Step 2: Forms

If you would like to purchase testing using a credit card, visit the selection of tests available on NMS Labs Online.
  If you order online, none of the forms below are required. 

If you are not placing an order through NMS Labs Online, please use one of the following requisition forms.

Clinical Form button.jpg


Use this form for therapeutic drug monitoring, studies and all other specimens.


Forensic Form button.jpg

Use this form for toxicology specimens with chain of custody, autopsy specimens, police toxicology specimens, and legal cases.


DrugID_form_button.jpg Use this form for non-routine police drug identification cases.
(Routine clients should use these forms.)

NOTE: The client is the agency who is responsible for reporting and payment. For example, if a police department is forwarding a sample on behalf of an attorney, but the attorney will receive the report and invoice,
                                 then the attorney is the client and should be listed as “Agency”.


Use this form for biology and DNA specimens. Click here for instructions on completing the form.


Acct Setup Form button.jpg


Use this form when submitting samples on a routine basis only.


trade refs button.jpg
Must be submitted along with the Account Set-Up form for credit check. (NOTE: Not required for Government & State facilities or Police.)


Credit Card Form button.jpg

Use this form to fill out payment information.


online results form button.jpg

Use this form to sign up to receive results online through NMS Labs Client Portal.

client portal form button.jpg

Use this form to register for NMS Labs Client Portal to place your orders* and get your results online.


* System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista (Mac is not supported). Internet Explorer (This does not work with FireFox).

Need help choosing the form? Contact Us

  Forensic & Clinical

  NMS Labs
  3701 Welsh Road
  Willow Grove, PA 19090

  Please correctly mark for the

  ATTN: Forensic Toxicology
  ATTN: Clinical

  Crime Lab Submissions:


  NMS Labs
  2300 Stratford Avenue
  Willow Grove, PA 19090

  Please correctly mark for the

  ATTN: Criminalistics

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