Anti-Cancer Drug Testing for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

DNA pill website.jpgNMS Labs is proud to announce a new test for Mercaptopurine and Metabolites in blood. In red blood cells (RBCs), mercaptopurine is metabolized to two metabolites, 6-TG (6-Thioguanine) and 6-MMP (6-Methylmercaptopurine). NMS Labs test measures the parent compound, mercaptopurine, as well as 6-TG and 6-MMP. Testing allows physicians to monitor levels of the metabolites 6-TG and 6-MMP, which can be used to guide treatment and aid in toxicity assessment following clinical use of mercaptopurine.

Using the highly specific and sensitive technique of LC-MS/MS, this test expands upon the group of chemotherapeutic TDM tests already offered by NMS Labs which includes 5-Fluorouracil, Busulfan, Exemestane, Methotrexate, Mitotane, Paclitaxel, Platinum, and Tamoxifen and metabolites.

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