K2, Spice and other synthetic cannabinoids testing

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Supporting law enforcement agencies, Drug Recognition Experts (DREs), crime laboratories and healthcare providers with specialized laboratory testing for synthetic cannabinoids and the latest discovered metabolites, NMS Labs is on the leading edge in market surveillance and research on the latest trends in novel psychoactive substances (NPS).


Metabolites of AM-2201; JWH-018; JWH-019; JWH-022; JWH-081; JWH-122; JWH-210; JWH-250; RCS-4 ; UR-144/XLR-11
(screened and confirmed by LC-MS/MS)


Synthetic Cannabinoids Identification in Solid Material
With increased public interest and concern related to synthetic cannabinoids, such as those implicated in K2, Spice or Spike, law enforcement agencies, DREs, crime laboratories and healthcare providers need access to specialized Drug Impaired Driving/DRE Toxicology testing services. NMS Labs has the answer.Spice packet.jpg

As a leader in the forensic sciences, NMS Labs has taken on the challenge of testing for products that contain synthetic cannabinoids, which are potent at very low doses. NMS Labs initially offered testing for just a few synthetic cannabinoids in suspected drug material, and has added new compounds as they appeared on the illicit market. NMS Labs has successfully detected and reported more than 30 synthetic cannabinoid chemicals in blood of impaired individuals, and identified metabolites in urine.

When users of K2 (typically college students and high schoolers) show up in the Emergency Room refusing to admit to the substances they have been using, NMS Labs testing services can provide insights that lead to better informed medical treatment and follow up. For reference labs, and the healthcare providers they support, NMS Labs testing services can help to keep ahead of new demands for a higher quality of care.

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NMS Labs is the only independent forensic facility in the nation to be certified by both the ABFT (American Board of Forensic Toxicology) and ANAB-ASCLD/LAB-International (ANSI/ASQ National Accreditation Board-American Society of Crime Lab Directors/Lab Accreditation Board ISO 17025). ISO 17025 accreditation covers the disciplines of Toxicology, DNA, serology and controlled substances. We diligently maintain and exceed the high standards set by these organizations, so that you can have the utmost confidence in your testing results.