Testing for Pharmaceutical Companies

Clinical Studies

NMS Labs can help you make better use of your resources by providing flexibility that other labs do not or cannot provide. While your central lab focuses on your areas of expertise, we will partner with you to provide cost-effective, quality results as you work with our toxicologists to design customized testing panels. Our senior scientists expertly manage each project, to keep your study on schedule, providing such service as:

  • Exclusionary pre-trial testing
  • Compliance monitoring in clinical studies
  • Drug interaction studies Assay of drug or device residue
  • Quantitative assays for clinical PK studies (Phase I-IV)

Our timeliness, precision and ability to administer various projects, no matter how small, has enabled us to achieve preferred vendor status with numerous clients.

Drug Diversion and Product Safety Studies

NMS Labs has extensive experience helping drug manufacturers design and conduct Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) studies to meet FDA requirements. We use the latest techniques and “kitchen-type" lab set-ups to simulate real-world environments and accurately evaluate abuse potential, relying on our expertise with law enforcement and drug delivery mechanisms to produce an objective, unbiased third party report. Common products studied at NMS Labs include:

  • Diversion resistant opioid products
  • Over-the-counter products
  • Transdermal devices


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