Leflunomide as Metabolite (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring), Serum/Plasma Test (2532SP)

Leflunomide as Metabolite (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring), Serum/Plasma Test (2532SP)

Analysis Code 2532SP 
Test Name Leflunomide as Metabolite (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring), Serum/Plasma 
Test Includes Teriflunomide 
Compound Synonym(s) Arava®; Leflunomide Metabolite 
Purpose This test is designed for measuring teriflunomide (leflunomide active metabolite) at low levels. This test can be used to monitor the elimination of teriflunomide in women of childbearing potential who discontinue leflunomide. This test is New York State approved. 
Category Immunomodulator 
Method(s) High Performance Liquid Chromatography/
TandemMass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) 
Specimen Requirements 1 mL Serum or Plasma 
Transport Temperature Refrigerated 
Specimen Container Plastic container (preservative-free) 
Special Handling Serum: Collect sample in Red top tube
Plasma: Collect sample in Lavender top tube (EDTA) or Pink top tube.
Promptly centrifuge and separate Serum or Plasma into a plastic screw capped vial using approved guidelines. 
Light Protection Required Not Required 
Stability Room Temperature: 30 day(s)
Refrigerated: 30 day(s)
Frozen (-20 °C): 10 month(s) 
*Rejection Criteria Polymer gel separation tube (SST or PST). 
Day(s) Test Set-up / TAT [LC-MS/MS] Monday-Sunday / 7 days 
Suggested CPT Code 80375 
**Minimum Volume 0.45 mL 
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You are viewing Leflunomide as Metabolite (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring), Serum/Plasma Test (2532SP)
*Rejection criteria pertain to clinical specimen submissions only.
**Stated minimum volume allows for a single analysis. Repeat analysis will not be performed.

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