Opiates - Free (Unconjugated), Blood Test (8660B)

Opiates - Free (Unconjugated), Blood Test (8660B)

Analysis Code 8660B 
Test Name Opiates - Free (Unconjugated), Blood 
Test Includes 6-Monoacetylmorphine - Free; Codeine - Free; Dihydrocodeine / Hydrocodol - Free; Hydrocodone - Free; Hydromorphone - Free; Morphine - Free; Oxycodone - Free; Oxymorphone - Free 
Compound Synonym(s) 6-MAM; Dilaudid®; Heroin Metabolite; Hydrocodone Metabolite; Numorphan®; Opana®; OxyContin®; Oxycodone Metabolite; Roxicodone®; Vicodin®; Zohydro® 
Purpose Identification and Quantitation; This test is New York State approved. 
Category Narcotic Analgesic 
Method(s) High Performance Liquid Chromatography/
TandemMass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) 
Specimen Requirements 2 mL Blood 
Transport Temperature Refrigerated 
Specimen Container Gray top tube (Sodium Fluoride / Potassium Oxalate) 
Special Handling Note: Sample rejection criteria for this test is based on refrigerated conditions. While 6-MAM stability is best if frozen, positive findings are routinely found in non-frozen samples. If optimal stability is required for this analyte, freeze the specimen and order test 2276SP, 2276B or 2276U which includes Heroin Metabolites. 
Light Protection Required Not Required 
Stability Room Temperature: 14 day(s)
Refrigerated: 30 day(s)
Frozen (-20 °C): 30 day(s) 
*Rejection Criteria None 
Day(s) Test Set-up / TAT [LC-MS/MS] Monday-Friday 2nd Shift / 4 days 
Suggested CPT Code 80356, 80361, 80365 
**Minimum Volume 0.7 mL 
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You are viewing Opiates - Free (Unconjugated), Blood Test (8660B)
*Rejection criteria pertain to clinical specimen submissions only.
**Stated minimum volume allows for a single analysis. Repeat analysis will not be performed.

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