NMS Labs - Sample Prep & Shipping

Sample Prep & Shipping

Important Guidelines for Sending Your Sample

When submitting a sample for tests purchased through the online self-service process, you will follow NMS Labs standard specimen collection and shipment protocol, with one primary difference—your account setup and sample submission forms are filled out entirely online.

The Process is Simple
  1. Place your order
  2. Print the requisition automatically generated for you
  3. Follow the specimen collection instructions on your form
  4. Ship the sample along with order requisition to NMS Labs
  5. Retrieve results online

Important Reminders

  • Do not add hand-written orders or instructions on the printed requisition form—only testing ordered through NMS Labs Online will be processed.
  • For substance identification testing, if you are sending in multiple pills or multiple pieces of evidence for processing, you must create an NMS Labs Online order for each item to be tested.
  • Because the specimens are highly sensitive to multiple factors, it is absolutely critical that you carefully follow all instructions specified on your Order Requisition.
    • Send the required amount of the sample. Anything less, and we may need to reject the order.
    • Follow temperature guidelines (some samples may require freezing).
    • If the sample is being sent from a third party, please ensure the requisition is forwarded to that party—either in PDF form or as a hard copy.
Please refer to your Order Requisition form for detailed collection instructions that pertain to your specific test.

General information on sample collection, shipping, storage, and returns

NMS Labs Shipping Address:
NMS Labs
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Willow Grove, PA 19090