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NMS Labs Client Support Team is highly trained to assist customers with a broad range of specialized needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of NMS Labs Online, the process of selecting and ordering a test and basic information about setting up an account and retrieving results reports. These FAQs will often link to more detailed information.  If you have any questions that are not covered here or elsewhere on NMS Labs Online, please email us.

Ordering a Test
Sample Preparation & Shipping
Customer Accounts
Test Results

Ordering a Test

How do I find the test I need?
If you know the name of the test you are looking for, use “Search For a Test.”

By visiting the Tests by Profession section, you can select a profession like yours then browse tests, categories and relevant scenarios.

Tests by Category makes it easy to find and select testing through organized collections.

When I am choosing a test, what should I be thinking about when I look at the test name?
The test name can often provide information about the test to be performed – how results are reported, if confirmation testing is performed and

Qualitative -- While not all of our test names include an indicator if the test provides qualitative results only (e.g. positive, negative versus reporting out a specific quantity), you may see ‘(Qualitative)’.  Screen and Confirmation -- The word ‘Screen’ is used to indicate that there are two tests performed prior to releasing results – the initial screen and then positive results from the screen are then tested again by reflexing to a second or confirmation test.  Confirmation testing is included in the price listed on NMS Labs Online although “and Confirmation” is not included in the name.

Forensic – At NMS Labs, a test with ‘(Forensic)’ in the name can be an indicator that a confirmation test is involved.  This confirmation test is often performed using a method different than the initial screen or potentially the same method performed twice using two different aliquots of the specimen submitted.  It also means that there is most likely a chain of custody. 

What do I need to do to order a test online?
Simply select the test(s) you want to order, add it to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page. You  will be asked to create an account (if this is your first online order). You will need the name, address and professional licensure of the agency requesting the test as well as basic information regarding the patient/case and sample: name, gender, age, and date/time of sample collection, if known.

You will also be asked to create a username and password, as well as answer some security questions that will be necessary should you need to reset your password. Finally, you will be presented with Terms and Conditions that address HIPAA privacy compliance, and asked to accept these terms.

NMS Labs accepts all major credit cards and protects your credit card information with SSL encryption.

Can I order tests for multiple patients or cases at once?
To ensure that the correct tests are administered for each patient or case, you must complete one patient’s shopping cart before you can move on to the next. For example, add every test you need for Patient A. Click on ‘check out’. At the last page of checkout, you may select the option to start an order for another patient. You may then create a cart for Patient B and so on.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If samples from multiple patients are being shipped together, the sample(s) pertinent to each order must be clearly identified.

If I have more than one pill or other substance to be identified, what do I need to do to place the order?
One order must be completed for each pill or each individual sample of the unknown substance to be tested.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If multiple samples are shipped together, each sample pertinent to each order must be clearly identified.

Are there fees additional to the cost of testing?
There is an additional charge should you request your sample(s) be returned after testing has been performed.  

What if my business does not have a credit card for purchasing? Can I still order a test?
This site accepts credit card payment only.  However, our Client Support Team will be happy to assist you with an alternate form of payment. Simply call 1-800-522-6671, 8:00am - 8:30pm EST, Mon - Fri.

How long does it take to get results?         
Turn-around times vary for each test in our catalog. You will be notified via email to return to the secure site where you can download your results, which are delivered in PDF format.

What happens if my test requisition form or other paperwork arrives at NMS Labs incomplete?
Improperly completed or incomplete test requisition forms may delay testing or result in order cancellation and sample return charges. Please provide all information required, be sure to send in the proper sample type, and do not add additional information to the requisition form in handwriting once it has been generated and printed.

What if I don’t see the test I need on this website?
Please contact our Client Support Team via email at clientsupport@nmslabs.com or call 1-800-522-6671, 8:00am -8:30pm EST, Mon - Fri.

The drug I want to test for might be listed by another name. Can you help?
To identify commonly abused drugs, we recommend a comprehensive chart compiled by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

To identify the generic name for a prescription medication, we recommend you browse the National Institutes of Health’s MedLine Plus.

Can I cancel my order?
To cancel an order, call NMS Labs client support at 1-800-522-6671.

If a cancellation request is received prior to test setup, the request will be honored and cancelled “per client request”.  There is a fee for returning the sample that will be reflected in the amount refunded.

Cancellation requests received after test setup cannot be honored. Testing in progress will be completed and a report issued.

For tests cancelled internally by NMS Labs, charges will be automatically credited to the credit card used for purchase. If testing is a comprehensive panel and less than 50% of the testing components have been cancelled, NMS Labs will credit the charges for testing. Panels with at least 50 % or more of the components reported will be charged. 

I’ve changed my mind and don’t need the test I ordered. Can I cancel the test and get a refund?
If testing is cancelled prior to receipt of the sample, you will not be charged for the testing. There is a fee for returning the sample that will be reflected in the amount refunded.
To cancel an order, call NMS Labs client support at 1-800-522-6671.

Sample Preparation & Shipping

How do I prepare my sample?
Every sample has different requirements for preparation. Detailed instructions for the specific test you order will be reflected on the last page of your generated requisition form. If you are not the person preparing the sample for submission, we suggest that you share these instructions with the person who is in charge of the sample preparation. It is critical that you follow exact sample preparation and submission protocols in order to ensure the integrity of your test results.
Below are basic requirements for all samples submitted to NMS Labs for testing:

  1. Patient/sample information. Please fill out the Test Requisition form and include with your sample shipment.
  2. Sample type. Each test requires a specific specimen matrix, or sample type. For example: serum, plasma, blood, or urine. You will need to submit the matrix that matches the test code you ordered.
  3. Temperature. Test samples are sensitive to temperature. An unwanted change in the temperature of a sample can affect our ability to conduct certain tests. Please note the temperature requirements (room temperature, refrigerated, frozen) on your Test Detail page and ship accordingly.

Is the chain of custody required?
Chain of custody is optional.  If choosing to submit a sample with chain of custody, please record pertinent information on the test requisition provided .

Where do I get a kit to submit hair samples?
NMS Labs offers a hair collection kit for purchase through Client Support. 

How do you define temperature ranges?
Please refer to the guide below for temperatures in scientific use:
Refrigerated: 2 to 8° C (36 to 46° F)
Frozen: -10 to -30° C (14 to -22° F) , unless otherwise stated

How should I ship my sample?
It is recommended that samples are shipped using a secure, track-able method with overnight delivery e.g. via US Postal Service, UPS, Federal Express, Airborne, or DHL. Federal requirements must be strictly followed for shipping test specimens.  Additional information about sample shipment can be found here.

Is there anything special that I need to do when sending samples for multiple orders or multiple patients?
Yes!  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If samples from multiple patients are being shipped together, the sample(s) pertinent to each order must be clearly identified.

Where do I send my sample?
All specimens should be shipped to:

NMS Labs
3701 Welsh Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090

How long do I have to send in the sample(s) once testing is purchased?
Please submit the sample as close to the point of order and purchase as possible.  NMS Labs will hold your order open for up to one year, however, if we do not receive the samples within this period, payment is forfeited..  We do not monitor incomplete orders and there are currently no reminders available.

Customer Accounts

Do I need to create an account?
Yes, in order to purchase tests and view test results, you will need to create a secure online account.

How do I create an account?
You will be asked to create an account as part of the checkout process, if you have not registered previously with NMS Labs Online.  You must have an email address to create an account.

How do I reset my account password?
Log in to your account and select Account Preferences.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?

Simply click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the Account Login page and follow instructions. You will be asked to enter the email address for the account and provide the answer to one of your security questions.

Test Results

How do I access my test results?
When testing results are available, we will send an email alert that directs you to sign in to your account to view and download your results report.  You may also sign in directly on www.nmslabs.com.

How long are results reports available online?
Reports are available online for 60 days after which you may request a copy through NMS Labs Client Support team.  We suggest that you take advantage of the download feature to save copy for future reference.

Which report format do I get?
NMS Labs offers two variations of its report.   If a sample is received with a chain-of-custody or the testing ordered is of a forensic nature, the NMS forensic format is issued.  All other orders will receive our clinical report, a format that is aligned with typical healthcare and medical industry reporting.

What is NMS Labs policy on confidentiality of test results?
NMS Labs is committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of all laboratory and health information (HIPAA Protected Health Information) as required by law. It is our policy to release laboratory information only to the authorized user (or their designee) who ordered the testing. It is the policy of NMS not to discuss any test results directly with patients.

I have received my results, but need some clarification. Who should I call?
You can find answers for additional questions by visiting NMS Labs company site FAQs or NMS Labs specialized Client Support Team can assist you.


What credit cards does NMS Labs accept?
NMS Labs accepts VISA, Mastercard and American Express. 

Does NMS Labs provide third-party billing services?
NMS Labs does not provide Medicaid, Medicare, or any other third-party billing services.

How are refunds credited?
Refunds will be credited to the card used for ordering.  Please note that cancellations will post in the following month’s credit card statement or billing cycle.