When you need analysis, not just numbers. When you need a test that has yet to be created. When you need the most advanced clinical and forensic toxicology, endocrinology, and criminalistics laboratory services - you need NMS Labs. We're more than results.

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NMS Labs Administrative Offices will be closed on 11/22/18
in observance of Thanksgiving. FedEx is closed and will not be delivering packages. To preserve the integrity of the samples, please do not send specimens on Wednesday for Thursday delivery.

Important FDA Announcement:
Regarding Acute Poisoning from Brodifacoum Contaminated Synthetic Cannabinoids:
Outbreaks of severe bleeding may have occurred from the use of synthetic cannabinoid products. Please contact NMS Labs Client Services at 1-866-522-2206 or email Clinical Customer Support if you have any questions.

New NILA White Paper:
The National Independent Laboratory Association (NILA) published a white paper regarding the Opioid Crisis and the role of toxicology laboratories. Click Here for the white paper.

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Abuse-Deterrent Formulation & Product Testing for Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industries
If you have any questions or would like more information on our Abuse Deterrent Formulations testing services, please contact us at

podcast logo3.jpg NMS Labs is proud to announce it's next podcast episodeĀ on NMS Intelligence called "The Latest in DUI and DUID Toxicology". Listen now to Aya Chan-Hosokawa, Forensic Toxicologist, and how she is playing an important role in public safety.

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