Client web portal - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why would I want to use the NMS Labs client portal?

The client portal provides easy, accurate sample processing that can lead to overall improved efficiency, fewer errors, better patient safety and quicker communication of test results.

How do I sign up to use the NMS Labs client portal?

You can sign up by filling out a registration form and emailing it to You may also fax your completed form to 215-366-1501. The form can be found here.

Where do I log in to my client portal?

Click on the Client Login link from the website. This link is located in the upper right hand corner of the website. The login screen will appear. Enter your account number, user name, and password. If you do not know this information, contact NMS Labs Client Support. You will have four (4) attempts to log into the account before it becomes locked.

What do I do if my account becomes locked?

You will need to contact NMS Labs Client Support and they will reset your password immediately. Please change the temporary password that is given to you upon your next login.

How do I setup my label printer?

NMS Labs recommends use of the Dymo® Label printer. The printer comes with a setup disk and information for connecting to your system. To have both requisitions and labels print from Lifepoint, the default printers must be set in the system. To do this, login to your client portal account and go to “User Profile”. Then go to “Preferences”. Scroll down to “Order Printing Options”. Both the label and requisition (req) printers are set from this location. Go to “Labels”. Select the label printer and label stock to be utilized. If using NMS Labs recommendations, set the label font to size 8. Once configured, these settings will remain unchanged. You can update these settings if a new printer is implemented.

What do I do if I have run out of labels?

In your Welcome letter, NMS Labs strongly encouraged you to order extra labels and a backup printer for your convenience. This was to ensure that your orders would not be hindered due to lack of supplies or technical difficulties. Visit to purchase your supplies online or to view a list of stores where these items are available. Description and model numbers for these products are as follows:
Printer: Dymo LabelWriter 450 - Model #1752264
Labels: Dymo 1” x 2⅛” Multipurpose Labels - Model #30336

How do I place an order for a test?

First you must select a patient. You may search to select an existing patient or create a new patient. Click “Update” to select testing. Tests you noted as commonly ordered will appear on the screen. You may click on the test of interest to select or search the NMS Labs test catalog. As each test is chosen, it will appear under “Selected Tests”. Once all tests are selected, click on “Review”. The review screen gives you a summary of the testing requested. Some tests have additional questions. To answer these, click on the “Answer Questions” link to continue. Use the Comments field to clarify any special instructions or unique scenarios associated with the request. Then, click on “Order” to create a requisition and print labels. Complete a manifest. Send a printed copy of the requisition and manifest and labeled samples to NMS Labs. Important: The order is not transmitted to NMS Labs until a manifest is completed. Orders can be edited until the manifest is transmitted.

How do I complete a manifest?

Go to the “Activity Logs” to access the Manifest List. From the manifest list, search for the date range of the orders. Leave all other defaults to see pending transmissions. Click “Submit”. A list of pending orders will appear. Choose the desired action. You may transmit all or just selected orders. Clicking transmit sends the electronic order to NMS Labs. Important: Any modifications made after the order is transmitted, must be communicated to NMS Labs Client Support.

How do I add a new patient?

To create new patients click on the “Add Patient” option. Enter a Patient/Case ID, the patient’s name, and demographics, if known. Click Next to review the information entered.

What if I entered patient information incorrectly?

If patient or test information is incorrectly entered, you can search on the patient to make modifications. However, once a request is transmitted to NMS Labs through the manifest, you MUST notify NMS Labs Client Support of changes via phone or email communication.

What is the diagnosis code?

The diagnosis code is defaulted to “Not Required” and should not be used. You should go directly to selecting a test. If you accidently remove the diagnosis code, enter Code XYZ to return the “Not Required” entry.

I can no longer find a report in my Inbox. Is it still available within the system?

Yes, reports are available for historical review. If the patient of interest is not in the Inbox, go to “Select New Patient” to begin a search. The search will return all patients matching the criteria. Click on the workorder to drill down on the specific request. If you are a results only user, the results history screen will appear with a link to the final report.

Why do I keep seeing an error message when I try to open a report?

Pop-up blocker settings may prevent a report from opening. If this occurs, allow pop-ups for this site. The report will then open in Adobe pdf format. You should now be able to review, print, or download the document.

How do I archive a report?

Even if a document has been reviewed, it will remain in the Inbox for 10 days unless manually archived. To archive, check off the archive button above where the report is listed. This will remove the report from the Inbox. To continue through the remaining Inbox reports, click on “Inbox Navigation” option. The next Inbox report will appear.


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