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Abused Drugs

A comprehensive selection of tests and panels for commonly abused illegal drugs, pain relievers, and OTC medications. This category also includes testing for designer drugs. Click to review tests

Designer Drugs

These compounds are not detected in routine drug screens. We offer a complete portfolio of blood, urine and serum testing for the most current synthetic cannabinoid compounds and stimulants such as DEA-scheduled “bath salts.” Click to review tests


This menu for prescription and over-the counter medications is designed for therapeutic drug monitoring. Includes antipsychotics and pain management. Click to review tests

Drug Screens

A convenient selection ideal for situations where you want drug levels reported across a broad variety of different drug classes. More cost-effective than purchasing multiple tests alone; includes quantitative confirmation at no additional charge.
Click to review tests


Tests to detect a wide range of common and unique poisons and metals with a high level of sensitivity. Click to review tests

Substance Identification

It’s white and looks like cocaine, but it may really be one of those “designer drugs” such as “bath salts”. Three varieties of traditional and designer drug identification to choose from. Click to review tests

Postmortem Toxicology

Medical examiners like these quantitative test portfolios because of the predefined selection of abused and Rx drugs and the specialized reporting comments. Click to review tests

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