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Effective Date Test Code and Description
4/25/2024 8136B Postmortem, Basic w/6-MAM Confirmation, Blood (Forensic)
4/25/2024 8135B Postmortem, Expanded w/6-MAM Confirmation, Blood (Forensic)
4/25/2024 8133B Postmortem, TotalTox™ w/6-MAM Confirmation, Blood (Forensic)
4/25/2024 8130B Postmortem, TotalTox™ w/Vitreous Alcohol and 6-MAM Confirmation, Blood (Forensic)
4/25/2024 8044B Postmortem, TotalTox™ w/Vitreous Alcohol, Blood (Forensic)
2/7/2024 8170U DUID/DRE Panel (w/Alcohol), Urine (Forensic)
2/7/2024 8171U DUID/DRE Panel, Urine (Forensic)
12/13/2023 3429SP PFASure TM Expanded, Serum/Plasma
12/2/2023 2534B Lithium Exposure, Blood
12/2/2023 2534SP Lithium Exposure, Serum/Plasma
12/2/2023 2534U Lithium Exposure , Urine
11/30/2023 3168SP Nitazenes Panel, Serum/Plasma
11/30/2023 3168B Nitazenes Panel, Blood
9/11/2023 1496U Desmethylsertraline, Urine
7/19/2023 0771B Brorphine, Blood
7/19/2023 0771SP Brorphine, Serum/Plasma
7/19/2023 0771U Brorphine, Urine
7/6/2023 1483B Desalkylgidazepam, Blood
7/6/2023 1483SP Desalkylgidazepam, Serum/Plasma
7/6/2023 1483U Desalkylgidazepam (Qualitative), Urine
6/8/2023 1496U Desmethylsertraline, Urine
6/8/2023 0015B 2-methyl AP-237 & AP-238, Blood
6/8/2023 0015SP 2-methyl AP-237 & AP-238, Serum/Plasma
6/8/2023 0015U 2-methyl AP-237 & AP-238, Urine
6/6/2023 8158B DUID/DRE Expanded Drug Screen (w/Alcohol), Blood (Forensic)
6/6/2023 8159B DUID/DRE Expanded Drug Screen, Blood (Forensic)
5/27/2023 2187SP Ganaxolone, Serum/Plasma
5/25/2023 1271SP Clonazolam & 8-Aminoclonazolam, Serum/Plasma
5/25/2023 1271B Clonazolam & 8-Aminoclonazolam, Blood
5/25/2023 1271U Clonazolam & 8-Aminoclonazolam (Qualitative), Urine
5/25/2023 0719SP Bromazolam, Serum/Plasma
5/25/2023 0719B Bromazolam, Blood
5/25/2023 0719U Bromazolam (Qualitative), Urine
4/27/2023 3218B N,N-Dimethylpentylone & Pentylone, Blood
4/27/2023 3218SP N,N-Dimethylpentylone & Pentylone, Serum/Plasma
4/27/2023 3218U N,N-Dimethylpentylone & Pentylone, Urine
4/27/2023 4483B Tianeptine, Blood
4/27/2023 4483SP Tianeptine, Serum/Plasma
4/27/2023 4483U Tianeptine, Urine
4/5/2023 1479B Delta-8 and Delta-9 Cannabinoids Panel (DUID/DRE), Blood (Forensic)
3/10/2023 1056B Cenobamate, Blood
3/10/2023 1056SP Cenobamate, Serum/Plasma
2/10/2023 1476B Delta-8 Cannabinoids Panel (DUID/DRE), Blood (Forensic)
2/10/2023 1477B Delta-8 Cannabinoids Panel, Blood
2/10/2023 1478B Delta-8 and Delta-9 Cannabinoids Panel, Blood