Accreditations and Licensure

Exceeding the standards of excellence

Accreditation and licensure programs are designed to improve patient safety, promote a consistently high level of client service, and advance the quality of laboratory services. NMS Labs’ licensure and accreditation are your assurance that our laboratory has met or exceeded a certifying agency’s high standards of excellence.

A summary list of NMS Labs’ accreditations and licensure can be found here.

Proficiency Testing

Proficiency testing is a regular, independent assessment of a laboratory’s ability to generate accurate and precise test results. It is a key component of a Quality Control Program and is used as an evaluation tool to guide performance improvement. Licensing and accrediting agencies incorporate proficiency findings into their overall compliance monitoring assessment of a laboratory. NMS Labs participates in these Proficiency Testing Programs.

Professional Organizations

NMS Labs is a firm supporter of organizations that align with our mission.