With most medications, a certain level of drug in the bloodstream is required to obtain the desired effect. Some medications are harmful if the level rises too high and do not work if the levels are too low. Drug interactions with other drugs, dietary supplements or specific foods can also impact a drugs level in the bloodstream.

Healthcare providers depend on laboratory testing to aid in monitoring the amount of the drug found in the bloodstream so he or she can ensure that the drug level is within an effective range. Similarly, medical examiners and other professionals involved in investigating the cause of a person’s death may be interested in toxicology testing that can provide insights to the levels of drugs typically monitored.

NMS Labs has extensive experience in providing therapeutic drug monitoring tests. Many of these tests are unavailable at other commercial laboratories. Physicians trust our assays to assist them in assessing and adjusting individual patient medication doses to improve patient care. Information and insights obtained from this type of testing can be used to minimize the risk of toxicity for a patient and shorten the time needed to establish and maintain an optimal dosing regimen.

Among the drug classes that NMS Labs can assist in providing laboratory insights are:

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