About NMS Labs

NMS Labs brings you the innovative tests and services that meet the ever-changing world of drugs and diagnostics.

NMS Labs…

  • Our lab employs more than 450 highly trained professionals, including 18 PhD scientists and toxicologists on staff with decades of experience to help you
  • Uses a world-class, full-service facility (including a dedicated and secure crime laboratory) to provide you with the finest testing services available
  • Meets rigorous standards such as ABFT, ANAB ISO 17025, NYS DOH, and many others

Our adherence to rigorous accreditation and licensure programs reflects our commitment to improve patient safety, promote consistently excellent testing, and advance the quality of our work. It’s your assurance that our laboratory meets or exceeds the standards set by leaders in our fields. You can always test with us with confidence.

Because the demands of the medical, forensic, and legal fields evolve at an increasing pace all the time, we work hard to connect the needs of your world with the most innovative testing available in laboratory science. It’s why we’re always improving and expanding our test menu, capabilities, instrumentation, and expertise.