Providing a Full Spectrum of Litigation Expertise

NMS Labs offers a broad range of proven Expert Services in three key areas:

  1. Court Testimony and Depositions
    • Testifying in court about analytical testing performed by NMS Labs
    • Providing deposition testimony
    • Scheduling and consultation to support the testimony process
      • Identifying who performed laboratory work so subpoenas can be issued
      • Evaluating analytical findings in conjunction with case history
  2. Expert Opinions
    • Reviewing analytical findings from testing conducted by NMS Labs or other laboratories
      • Examination of supporting documentation, such as police reports, autopsy reports, witness observations, and depositions
    • Case consultations
    • Providing interpretations in writing, testimony, or both
  3. Litigation Support Packages
    • Includes reports issued, communications, chain-of-custody documentation, and analytical data

See the detailed descriptions of the Expert Service offerings in Testimony-Depositions, Expert Opinions, and Litigation Support packages.

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