Special Request. Call 1-800-522-6671 prior to sending in a sample for price and setup availability. A special request test is a test that is put “online” and run specifically for you and your situation.
New York State test approval status is Undetermined.

Gas Chromatography (GC).

New York State Approval Status


Turnaround Time

29 days

Test Includes
1 Special Request Finding(s) [Depending on request]

Unique analytes such as Butyl-Tin, Alachlor, Bendiocarb, Carbamate Pesticides, Carbofuran, Chlorpyrifos, Diazinon, Dichlorvos, Dinitro-p-cresol, Dinitro-o-Cresol (DNoC), Endosulfan, Malathion, Malaoxon, Methyl Parathion, p-Nitrophenol (Nitrobenzene Exposure), Organophosphate Pesticides, Parathion, Paraoxon, Phosmet, Propoxur, Terbufos, Trifluralin, Phorate, Propetamphos, Temephos, Coumaphos, Ethion, Fenthion, Pendimethalin are available upon request.

1 Special Request Finding(s) [Depending on request]

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